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Even in the Bible, frankincense from Oman, boswellia sacra (this type of frankincense is only found in Oman), plays a role, as does myrrh, which comes from Yemen in the best quality.

In the Sultanate of Oman, the frankincense bushes and trees grow quite large and they are often very old. They are eaten by camels and suffer from termites, but there are many old bushes and trees that survive all this and have often survived for over 200 years. How long is not known because the incense grows wild and is often no longer cared for and nurtured.

Various products can be made from this wonderful incense, all of which reflect the special incense culture in Oman.

Incense oil and incense hydrolate, incense sticks and incense for smoking, incense candles, incense soap or creams based on incense. In Oman, perfume is also produced on the basis of this incense.

Why does frankincense grow in this specific location?

The weather conditions in southern Oman are very special. In the southernmost part of the Sultanate of Oman, around the city of Salalah near the Yemeni border, there is a small subtropical area that is kept nice and humid by mist rather than rain, especially in summer. Here everything is green then and coconut palms, bananas and many other plants grow. It is hard to believe that it is only a few dozen kilometres to drive from this green enclave over some chains of hills into the desert. Frankincense grows in the adjacent stone desert. It is hot, but even here it is slightly soaked by a few clouds of mist. This unique climatic situation produces the best frankincense in the world. This region is called Dhofar.