green-white al-hojari

Green-White Frankincense from Oman

Green-white al-hojari frankincense, origin Sultanate of Oman, Dhofar, handpicked pieces of this highest quality. Direct import!

Since time immemorial, the best frankincense in the world has come from the south of Oman, the border region to Yemen. This was the starting point for the famous Frankincense Route. This very fine frankincense from the Dhofar mountains exudes the intense, typical balsamic frankincense scent due to its high content of essential oils. This is what distinguishes its quality from frankincense from other countries. The green or white-green frankincense is still a step up from the excellent al-hojari quality. We occasionally come across small quantities of genuine green frankincense.

The other day I read in an online shop for "friends of cultivated incense: green incense coloured with food colouring". That is certainly not ours. We offer only natural green incense, directly imported from Oman. Something very special! This incense is then also not poisonous green, but lighter or darker pieces have a well visible green part.

This is also the resin known from time immemorial as medicinal frankincense. However, we import pure incense for burning.

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