We have decided to work with a new producer for Bakhoor in Oman. Unfortunately our last one was unreliable. This also means we can offer even better bakhoor, especially bakhoor with larger pieces of oud. Oud (agarwood in English) is one of the most important fragrance in the Arab world.
Here you will soon find different types of Oud (Oud with various additions). You can currently find a trial package with 12 different types of Bakhoor from our new producer. Please let us know which  fragrance are most attractive to you. We will then order accordingly.
All individual Bakhoor varieties are from the previous supplier and are sold by us at half price. Bakhoor are incense mixtures made from different woods, aromatic oils, resins and flowers. These mixtures are mainly made from natural substances, although some oils are also artificially produced. (For example, pure rose oil is not included because of the high price) We are trying to get Bakhoor that the next time we import it, it will not only be comparable to the previous model in name, but hopefully also in scent and overall appearance. But that's not so easy when importing from Oman. Bakhoor was originally an incense ritual practiced by Bedouins in the Arabic region. A usually dark mass of compacted oudwood chips is dipped into perfume oils made from incense, flowers, resin and sandalwood.

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