Bakhoor, Henna, Oud

Bakhoor, Henna and Oud


We want to introduce our customers to the various important products and fragrances of the Arab world.

You can feel like you are at the souq (bazaar in North Africa).

Bakhoor is the name of a vast amount of incense blends, always made by women. They come in different qualities and mixtures.

Henna has been known here in Europe for a long time - especially because some women dye their hair with it. In Oman, henna is mainly used for painting ornaments on the hands and arms on the occasion of special festivals.

Oud permeates the whole of Arabia. This resin does not even come from Arabia, but from Asia. However, it is found in many products in Oman and the scent is very important for the Arabian fragrance palette. That is why we have put together a few products with oud here.


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Henna and Oud

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