Frankincense from Oman

Frankincense from Oman

We are the specialist for frankincense from Oman. An Omani friend buys fresh al-hojari frankincense for us directly from the families in a certain valley. This frankincense is sent directly to us in 40 KG bags without any middlemen. This way we are sure not to receive incense mixed with other varieties. We then sort the incense apart here ourselves.

We import frankincense directly from South Oman, the classic area of origin of the frankincense route, and also myrrh packed in Oman from the border region of Yemen and Oman.
From Oman we also import oil, incense sticks, candles and soaps exclusively with this high quality content.
The frankincense is of the best quality available in Oman: Al-Hojari greenish, yellowish, greyish-white incense with an intense smell. Also genuine and uncut myrrh arabica.


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