Frankincense-Myrrh Oils

The best frankincense and myrrh resins in the world come from Oman and Yemen.
Here in Germany we distil the frankincense oil "glorious olibanum" from this incense in a very gentle way. The oil is not pungent like most Omani oils, but very light and in a quality like a selected perfume. You are purchasing a full aroma frankincense oil.
In our shop we also offer oils produced in the Sultanate of Oman from frankincense in al-hojari quality. These are pure oils from the resin. In addition, we offer the high-quality White Royal oil, which is also distilled in Oman. The selected frankincense leads to an improved result.
Myrrh oil cannot be compared to frankincense oil in terms of consistency and character. They are more viscous and darker. However, it does have an interesting aroma.
The cheapest oil is the frankincense oil Aldhiyaa, which is not distilled but produced under pressure. This oil also has another vegetable oil mixed in. This makes it soft and a little greasy, but it spreads well on the skin.

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