frankincense sticks

Frankincense Sticks imported from the Sultanate of Oman

Made in Oman with Omani frankincense!

An Omani friend of ours came up with the idea years ago to produce frankincense sticks without chemicals using the best frankincense in the world from the Sultanate of Oman! This is a really good idea in the interest of all those who do not want to miss this special scent of Omani frankincense and want to have an aromatic experience without any effort.

We offer pure frankincense sticks (wood and frankincense) always 8 sticks in a blister with a weight per blister of approx. 20 gr. We offer 3 or 5 blisters with 8 frankincense sticks each in a bundle!

There is also a stick holder with Omani emblems.

Each stick glows for more than one hour with a very high fragrance intensity.

This quality has only the name in common with the usual strongly perfumed incense sticks - a pure frankincense experience!

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