large pieces al-hojari

Frankincense from Oman large pieces

Al-hojari frankiincense, origin Sultanate of Oman, Dhofar, handpicked large pieces. Direct import!

Since time immemorial, the best incense in the world has come from the south of Oman, the border region to Yemen. This was the starting point for the famous Frankincense Route. This very fine frankincense from the Dhofar mountains exudes the intense, typical balsamic frankincense scent due to its high content of essential oils. This is what distinguishes its quality from incense from other countries. We have taken the large pieces out of the raw frankincense. This size is mainly used by the Omanis themselves. They are mixed in colour and often have a green sheen. This is not tourist incense, but quite typical of Omani life. The size of the pieces is also a sign of quality. Only in Oman are there such large pieces due to the special weather conditions.

In the south of Oman, there is a monsoon in summer. It is then humid on the coast and the fog moves into the hot and dry desert. These special climatic conditions in the harvest area create the best growing conditions in the world for the high-quality frankincense "Al-Hojari". This distinguishes Omani frankincense from all other types of frankincense. Due to the size of the pieces, it is often darker than small pieces because moisture and small inclusions do not let the light through. We import unsorted frankincense directly from the desert with the help of Omani friends. This way we are sure that we receive only authentic goods that are not sorted by middlemen or cut and/or stretched with other varieties.

We offer the frankincense in airtight polyethylene bags or in the sustainable tin can.

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