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new Products

    • Olimyrum® -Frankincense Lip Ointment, 15ml

      Olimyrum® Frankincense Lip Ointment contains frankincense extract from the Boswellia sacra, which has a soothing effect on small wounds and scratches and gives the ointment a somewhat firmer consistency.

      15,45 €

    • Olimyrum® Incense body massage oil, 200ml

      Olimyrum® Incense body massage oil is composed of incense extract of Boswellia Sacra and a mixture of high-quality oils, new: 200ml!

      23,40 €

    • Olimyrum® -Repair incense ointment 30ml

      Olimyrum® -Frankincense Repair Ointment for sun-damaged and aging skin, 30ml

      24,95 €

    • Olimyrum® Incense joint massage oil, 200ml

      In Olimyrum® Incense joint massage oil the concentration of frankincense extract is higher than in Olimyrum® Incense body massage oil.

      27,50 €

    • Olimyrum® Frankincense Facial Ointment, 50ml

      Olimyrum® Frankincense Facial ointment for dry, irritated facial skin, 50 ml

      29,95 €

    • Olimyrum® Incense Ointment Repair plus, 50ml

      Olimyrum® Frankincense Repair plus for muscles and joints, 50 ml

      29,95 €

    • Olimyrum®-Visage incense ointment, alabaster, 50ml

      Olimyrum® Visage incense ointment is a basic care for dry, irritated facial skin with redness and itching, 50ml

      46,95 €

    • Olimyrum® Incense capsule with piperine, 90pcs

      Olimyrum® Frankincense capsules contain pure granulated Frankincense extract of Boswellia sacra, devoid of estragole. 90 capsules à 400mg

      63,45 €

    • Olimyrum® Frankincense Capsules with CBD, 90 pcs

      Olimyrum® frankincense capsules contain pure, granulated frankincense from Boswellia sacra without estragole, 90pcs à 400mg

      69,95 €

    • Olimyrum ® -Repair plus incense ointment, 200ml

      Olimyrum® Repair plus incense ointment is a relaxing care for skin, muscles and joint with a tendency to inflammation.

      105,90 €