Towards United Values - Case Study Oman

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Towards United Values

Case Study Oman
Englisch, Paperback
86 Seiten, 14,6 x 21,7 x 0,6 cm
BARAZA e.V. -, 2019

„Baraza" is Swahili for “meeting place” or “council.” It is a place of public audience or reception, a veranda, a stone seat in an entrance hall, a bench against the outside wall of a house, a raised platform roofed over in front of a house. It is a space to receive visitors, hold an audience, transact business, and allow people to gather on a regular basis. Informal or formal, a baraza represents a broad range of settings where people converge to hold conversations, discuss issues and try to solve problems.

There are thousands of efforts worldwide calling for acceptance of diversity. There are hundreds of religious and interfaith organizations fostering attitudes for living together in peace. There are dozens of governmental and international  institutions promoting dialogue and and mutual understanding. But Oman´s initiative „Tolerance, Understanding, Coexistence: Oman´s Message of Islam“ is unique. It was undertaken by a small team with a modest budget, without ambitions or expectations of grandeur. They created it with the believe that could make a difference, because they were convinced by the power of message.


Hilal al-Hajri
The Land of Security: Western Perceptions of Religious Tolerance in Oman

Douglas R. Leonard
The Origin and Contemporary Approaches to Intra-Islamic and Inter-Religious Coexistence and Dialogue in Oman

H.E. Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah
Statement of the Sultanate of Oman

Riaz Rivat
Oman - Spearheading an international drive for religious understanding and coexistence

Mohammed al-Mamari
Living Peaceful Coexistence in Oman

Florian Schröder
Becoming friends

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