Oman in Early Islamic History

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Oman in Early Islamic History

Isam Al-Rawas
Englisch, gebunden, 232 Seiten
15,8 x 24,2 cm, 740 gr.
Ithaka Press, 2000

This text provides an in-depth study of the history of Oman from the advent of Islam until the fall of the second Ibadi Imamate in AH 280. In pulling together scattered fragments of historical material, Dr Al-Rawas gives a vivid account of Oman's position in the early Islamic community during a hitherto underexamined period of its history. Oman, following the death of the Prophet Muhammad, was successfully targeted for conversion to Islam by the nascent Islamic government in Medina. After embracing the new religion, Oman fell under the influence of the heterodox Islamic movements in Basra, particularly the Kharijite revolt. It eventually chose the Ibadi doctrine, a moderate offshoot of Kharijism, as its national creed. After exploring the teachings of Ibadism the author examines in detail the establishment and subsequent collapse of the two Ibadi imamates in Oman against a background of conflicting tribal loyalties and the opposition of the Islamic caliphate.

During this time, Dr Al-Rawas maintains, Oman underwent a number of far-reaching changes which totally transformed the socio-political face of the country, securing its position as an independent entity with its own distinctive brand of Islam - a position it has held until the present day. He concludes his study by charting Oman's gradual descent into civil war, resulting from internal disputes between the various factions of the Ibadi ulema, and its eventual subjection to Abbasid rule.

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