Development as an anti-Insurgency weapon - The Dhofar War

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Ibrahim bin Saif al Hamdani Winning hearts and minds / The Dhofar War englisch Taschenbuch, 110 Seiten 13,5 x21,5 x 1 cm 150 g Insurgencies and civil conflict have been part of the human fabric for as long as humanity itself. History is littered with numerous examples of insurgencies - some successful, some abortive - and an equal number of counter-insurgencies, many of them as disastrous and counter-productive as the initial rebellions themselves. The Dhofar rebellion, and the successful counterinsurgency mounted by Sultan Qaboos of Oman, stands out uniquely as an event that was quelled not only by means of use of prudent military operations, but equally, a campaign of economic and social reform that undercut the very grounds fuelling the rebellion. In essence, it was campaign that ultimately sought to win the hearts and minds of people through the introduction of measures that guaranteed them not only their dignity and self-respect, but also economic opportunity and the hope of long-term peace and prosperity. In effect, the Oman counter-insurgency campaign was essentially multi-pronged, intended not only to defeat the insurgents and their communist backers militarily, but also to address the underlying problems and concerns that were exploited by the rebels to fuels the rebellion. This paper looks at the lessons that can be learnt from the "hearts and minds" component of the successful counter-insurgenscy operation in Dhofar, against a backdrop of less successful, and even hugely unpopular, counter-insurgency wars - present and past. This dissertation ist comprised of four chapters. 1.)Why counterinsurgencies are not always successful? 2.)Genesis of the Dhofar Rebellion 3.)Development as a key weapon in counterinsurgencies 4.)Sultan Qaboos as a statesman

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