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Robert Baldwin and Thabit Zahran Al Abdessalaam
Englisch; Arabisch
gebunden, 31 x 24,7 cm; 147 S. mit ca. 150 Farbfotografien
2007 SeaWords Ltd.

This substantial volume includes over 150 unique color photographs of dolphins which have been taken all over the world – feeding, playing, whistling and jumping. There are also many classic shots of Dolphins from the Arabian Gulf.

‘Dolphin’ has been published on the occasion of Dolphin Energy’s first gas production and supply to the UAE in July this year – as well as to celebrate the United Nations declaration of 2007 as ‘The Year of the Dolphin.’

The book has been written and produced by Robert Baldwin and Thabit Al Abdessalaam. Baldwin lives in Oman, where he works as an environmental biologist – he is a passionate wildlife photographer and has written and illustrated earlier books on whales and dolphins. Thabit is currently Director of the Marine Environment Research Center at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD). He earlier spent more than 20 years in Oman in various marine science and fisheries management positions.

In his Foreword, Sheikh Hamdan notes: “Dolphins are charismatic creatures whose curiosity, intelligence and friendly demeanor have fascinated us for centuries… This book aims to portray the interest and wonder that dolphins evoke within human culture, the sense of mystery and well-being they induce and the serious conservation message they embody.”

Mariam Al Badr, Corporate Communications Manager for Dolphin Energy also said on this occasion: “that the production of this book proves Dolphin’s commitment towards conservation of marine life and its importance to the community”.

Wir importieren das Buch aus dem Sultanat Oman. Es gibt hier noch neue Exemplare aus dem Bestand.

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