Frankincense Sticks, 5 packs with 8 sticks each


Item #: 00129

5 packages, each with 8 sticks of pure frankincense!
Contents of 20 g. package: you receive 40 incense sticks!
Made in Oman using Omani frankincense.
Each stick will glow more than an hour with very fragrant intensity.
Finally, a businessman from the Sultanate of Oman has come up with the idea to use the best incense in the world from the Sultanate of Oman to produce incense sticks! An excellent choice for those who know and miss the extraordinary scent of Omani frankincense, or would like to get to know this elegant seductive aroma, and would like to enjoy it without using an incense burner .
These sticks should not be confused with the usual incense sticks: these high-quality sticks provide a true frankincense experience !

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