Incense charcoal, 27mm, 120 pieces

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Incense charcoal, 27mm, 120 pieces, fast igniting

Contents: 20 rolls with 10 pieces each
Diameter: 2,7cm
Country of manufacture: EU Greece

Many of our customers have missed it and have been asking for a long time where the incense charcoal is. We as Oman Shop only offer products from Oman in our online shop, but we decided to make an exception with the incense charcoal.

Due to the constantly tightening safety regulations, it is now the case that a safety data sheet must be provided for the transport of goods by air freight. However, since we buy our coal from a friend in the souq and have it sent to Germany, it is not possible for us to get such a data sheet. Therefore, we looked around for an alternative and found this incense charcoal, which is produced in the EU. We think this is a good solution and look forward to your feedback.

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