Frankincense large pieces 50g

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Frankincense from Oman, 50g large pieces

Direct import! Al-hojari frankincense, Origin: Sultanate of Oman, Dhofar. First quality, hand-culled large pieces.

The best frankincense in the world has been coming from southern Oman, in the area bordering Yemen, for ages. This was the starting point for the famous frankincense route. This very fine frankincense from the Dhofar Mountains exudes the intense, typical balsamic fragrance due to its high proportion of essential oils. This is what distinguishes it from frankincense from other countries.

In the summer months in the south of Oman the monsoon makes it wet on the coast, whence fog drifts into the hot, dry desert. This unique climatic phenomenon in the harvest area is the best growing condition for the high-quality "Al-Hojari" frankincense, resulting in particularly large pieces being formed, a distinguishing feature of Omani frankincense. The large pieces, colored brownish, greyish or reddish, often with a green shimmer, are used by Omanis at home with the family or for guests. This is not normally found by tourists,  but is very typical of Omani life.

With the help of our Omani friends, we import unsorted frankincense directly from the desert. In this way, we are certain that we receive only an authentic product which has not been mixed, diluted or extended using other types.

Frankincense smoke has long been considered the best means of consecration, blessing, cleaning and protection. The scent is sweet and heavy and creates an atmosphere of clarity, purity and calm. The smoke removes negative energies in the space between people. It is stimulating and relaxing at the same time. In Oman, it is also used to contribute a pleasant aroma to clothing while also disinfecting it.

It has a wide variety of uses: it is chewed for fresh breath, for treating tooth infections and for preventing colds. In traditional Arab medicine, frankincense was also used to treat the skin and for problems in the gastrointestinal tract due to its anti-inflammatory effect. Frankincense and myrrh were cherished for their extraordinary properties, which explains why they were chosen as exalted gifts in the Christmas story. At that time they were literally worth their weight in gold.

The frankincense we offer is intended only for burning. It is expressly pointed out that information provided here deals with the historical and traditional uses of frankincense which have not been medically or scientifically proven.  The buyer is responsible for the correct application and usage.

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