Frankincense Oman green, harvested in 2020 50g

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Green-white al-hojari frankincense from Oman, 50g

Green-white al-hojari frankincense, origin Sultanate of Oman, Dhofar, handpicked pieces of this highest quality in an airtight polyethylene bag. Direct import!

Since time immemorial, the best incense in the world has come from the south of Oman, the border region to Yemen. This was the starting point for the famous Incense Route. This very fine incense from the Dhofar mountains exudes the intense, typical balsamic incense scent due to its high content of essential oils. This is what distinguishes its quality from incense from other countries.

The white-green frankincense is even a step up from the excellent al-hojari quality. We occasionally come across small quantities of genuine green frankincense.

Since ancient times, frankincense has been regarded as the best means of consecration, blessing, purification and protection. The scent is sweetish and heavy and creates an atmosphere of clarity, purity and peace. The smoke cancels out bad energies in the space between people. It has a stimulating and at the same time relaxing effect. The green frankincense is actually too good for smoking! This green incense plays a special role in ancient Arabic medicine. In Oman, it is therefore also chewed! It is chewed for fresh breath, to treat inflammation of the teeth and to prevent colds. Frankincense was also recommended for the skin and problems in the gastrointestinal tract due to its anti-inflammatory effect in traditional Arabic medicine. This is why frankincense also appears with myrrh in the Christmas story; it was exchanged for gold of equal weight around the year zero.

The other day I read in an online shop for "friends of cultivated incense: green frankincense dyed with food colouring". That is certainly not ours. We offer only natural green incense, directly imported from Oman. Something very special!

The frankincense we offer is to be used for incense only. It is expressly pointed out that information from the article description, which deals with the mode of action of the incense, is not scientifically confirmed. These are indications from traditional Omani customs that have been handed down and used for a long time. This information cannot and should not replace a visit to the doctor. The buyer is responsible for the correct application and dosage.

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