Al Hojari Frankincense, 100 g.; 4-12 mm


Item #: 00150

grayish-white, best quality
Source: the Sultanate of Oman, Dhofar
sorted in 4-12 mm pieces
100gr. in bag
Direct import!
Since ancient times, the best frankincense in the world comes from the south of Oman, near the border with Yemen. Here was the starting point for the famous frankincense route. This very fine frankincense from the Dhofar Mountains has a high concentration of essential oils which yield an intensive and traditional balsamic-scented incense.
For ages frankincense has been used as the best means for consecration, blessing, cleansing and protection. The fragrance is sweet and heavy, and creates an atmosphere of clarity, purity and tranquility. It is also simultaneously stimulating and relaxing. In Oman it is used to perfume and sanitze clothing. It is also chewed to freshen breath, aid digestion and it is said even to prevent colds! The aromatic smoke also dissipates bad energy in the room, or between people in the room.
This "Al-Hojari" frankincense consists of very light to medium intensity green, yellow, gray and white pieces, which were harvested in the growth area under the best conditions for incense in the world. This high-quality incense is often completely bought out by Arab traders, so that this incense of the highest quality available is quite rare in the West. We import directly from our Omani friends in Oman.
The incense is packed in a resealable polyethylene bag. This incense is to be used only for burning to provide its pleasing aroma and beneficial aura, and not for medicinal purposes. Please note that the information provided in the item description has not yet been confirmed scientifically, and is based on long tradition and custom. The applied uses are traditional customs of the Omanis. Any medicinal applications should and must be under the supervision of qualified medical personnel. Please consult with your doctor.

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