Glorious Olibanum Oil,3 ml

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Glorious Olibanum Oil, 3ml

We have taken our best Omani Al-hojari frankincense to produce a exquisite essential oil. Using the lowest temperature possible, our frankincense is distilled over steam to create olibanum oil. This gentle process results in a much wider range of aromas being retained than when it is boiled in water, the usual method in Oman. The body is complex, with notes of high-quality frankincense, citrus fruit and conifers; the typical pungency of the Omani oils appears in the background. The high percentage of alpha- and beta-pinenes attest to the quality of this oil (see analysis).

Glorious Olibanum can be worn alone as a perfume, used for enhancing other oils, or as a bath additive, for example. The rich palette of bottom notes unfolds on the skin and persists for a long time.

Do not apply undiluted directly to the skin and do not ingest! The oil should not get into the eyes. It can irritate the skin and burn the mucous membranes.
Attention, trial size, no light-protected packaging. Please consume within four weeks.

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