Al-Hojari white Royal Öl, 5ml

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Al-Hojari white Royal Oil, 5ml

The white Royal al-hojari frankincense oil from Oman is obtained exclusively from a very high-quality selection of wild-growing al-hojari frankincense by steam distillation without chemical additives. The result is very special.

The oil has lost all the pungency of the usual, even good frankincense oils, it has a very round smell in perfume quality. If you like the smell of incense, you can simply use this oil as a high-quality perfume or heat it in suitable bowls as a fragrance dispenser for the room.

The incense of the Boswellia sacra plant from Oman has an incomparable aroma. Here you can find a concentrate of this smell.

Do not apply undiluted directly to the skin and do not ingest! The oil should not get into the eyes. It can irritate the skin and burn the mucous membranes!

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