Olimyrum® Frankincense Hydrolate, 1 l

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Olimyrum® Frankincense Hydrolate, 1 l, bottle of glass

Our pure Olimyrum® incense hydrolate is a 100% pure hydrolate, without the addition of alcohol. Frankincense hydrolate is obtained from the gentle distillation of frankincense resin.

For the distillation of Olimyrum® frankincense hydrolate we only use the high quality frankincense of the species Boswellia Sacra from Oman. Hydrolate is produced in addition to the essential oil in steam distillation and contains ingredients that are also contained in the essential frankincense oil. However, the concentration is so low that you can safely apply it directly to the skin. The inspiring scent, which is pleasant after a ripening period, balances the soul. The skin feels soothed and refreshed.

It can also be used for air humidification in rooms with dry air. The reserved, pleasant fragrance is not as intensive as with essential oil.

Olimyrum® incense hydrolate can be used as a raw material for the production of your own cosmetics. Among the INCI Boswellia sacra resin water it can be found in the Europe-wide INCI database and is described there as skin-caring and masking (reduces unwanted odor).

Olimyrum® frankincense hydrolate should be stored optimally cool (below 10 ° C) and dark.

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