Conditions of Use

“Wolfgang Alexander Moll” (Solingen) is legally trading as "Oman-Shop". Managing Director and Owner is (Wolfgang) Alexander Moll.

Contact Info:

Oman-Shop; Meisenburger Weg 1; D-42659 Solingen; Germany; Fax: +49 212 2441136. E-mail address:

The legally binding Terms and Conditions (“Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen” or “AGB”) are written in German. The AGB are accessible by clients online, or can be requested by e-mail to The information provided here attempts to explain the binding terms and conditions in English, and is offer here for your convenience. It is not meant to and does not stand in lieu of the official AGB.


The Oman-Shop by Wolfgang Alexander Moll offers quality products, via the website, which are mainly available only in the Sultanate of Oman. The Oman-Shop guarantees its goods and services, and protects the rights of the customers. The customer guarantees payment and the accuracy of the information provided. The customer is of legal age and otherwise qualified to enter into contracts.

§ 1 Product Selection

The customer selects the desired products on the website; these are collected in a virtual shopping cart; the customer can review and correct the selected product order, including descriptions and prices, and specify the payment and shipping details.

§ 2 Cancellation policy

Right to cancel

You may cancel your contractual acceptance in writing (e.g. by letter, fax or email) within 14 days without stating a reason. This notice period shall begin upon receipt of the goods. A cancellation that is sent within the notice period shall be considered valid. The cancellation should be sent to:


“Oman-Shop" Wolfgang Alexander Moll” is trading as “Oman-Shop”


Meisenburger Weg 1,
42659 Solingen, Germany
Telephone: (+49) 0212 / 244 11 35
Fax no.: (+49) 0212 2 44 11 36
E-Mail address:

Current legislation also permits cancellation by telephone. As the burden of proof in such cases rests with the client, we recommend that our clients issue cancellations in writing.

Consequences of cancellation

In the event of a valid cancellation, the services and payments received by both parties must be returned.

In the event that you are unable to return the goods received in whole or only in part, or in a damaged or used condition, you may have to pay us compensation for this. Goods which can be sent by parcel post shall be returned at our risk.

You shall be liable for the return shipping costs if the goods delivered are the same as those ordered.

We shall be liable for the return shipping costs if the goods delivered are not the same as those ordered or the goods delivered by us are damaged.

Goods which cannot be sent by parcel post will be collected from your premises; these will be products that you did not receive from us by parcel post either. Any obligation to refund payments must be fulfilled within 14 days. Your notice period shall begin upon your sending of a declaration of cancellation, and ours shall begin upon receipt of any such declaration.

§ 3 Prices

Prices are subject to change without notice at any time. The prices are retail prices and include the applicable VAT. The prices as listed on the website at the time the order is placed are binding. The costs for packaging and shipping are added and shown separately.

§ 4 Conclusion of an agreement

The agreement with “Oman-Shop” is a distance selling agreement.

The offers made by “Oman-Shop” on the website are non-binding and “Oman-Shop” is thus not obliged to provide goods or services that are unavailable. However, a contract is made and a contractual obligation is formed in respect of individual services where “Der Oman-Shop oHG” has acknowledged a client’s order with an order confirmation.

§ 5 Fulfilling the Contract

The Oman-Shop will process orders within 48 hours and confirm the customers’ order via email, if the desired products are available. Delivery. Provided that the ordered products are available, The Oman-Shop will ship them within 3 business days after receipt of full payment.

  • The shipping for an order in value up to 99,99 Euro is € 3,00 per order.
  • For COD orders (cash on delivery) € 8,60 will be added.
  • If the value of the order exceeds € 99,99 the delivery is free within the Federal Republic of Germany. For COD orders the delivery will be charged € 5,60.
  • For shipments abroad the shipping charges will correspond to the actual costs.

Changes, substitutions, additions. Client inquiries related to previously placed orders will be answered in short order, generally within 3 business days. Requests for changes, substitutions, and additions to orders will be accommodated to the extent possible until 3 business days prior to the planned shipping date of the order.

§ 6 Payment

The Oman-Shop issues the customer an invoice itemizing charges for the ordered goods. Full payment is due upon receipt of the order confirmation. Delayed payments (more than 30 days after order is confirmed) may be subject to a supplementary charge of interest fees.

The original invoice is delivered together with the goods. Payments made via Paypal will be indicated on the invoice.

§ 7 Warranty and Liability

Should any products prove defective, the customer will inform The Oman-Shop and is entitled to return the product at the expense of the Oman-Shop. The guarantee of the supplier is determined by § 433 et seq. of the German legal code and is limited to one year. The Oman-Shop is obligated to repair or replace the product for free.

The Oman-Shop is liable

  • In the full amount of damages for gross negligence of its representatives and officers,
  • in any culpable violation of essential contractual obligations,
  • for gross negligence of vicarious agents, unless the "Oman-Shop" can disclaim liability by virtue of standard business practices.

In the last two mentioned cases, liability is limited to compensation for usual and foreseeable damages, and any negligence attributable to the customer is offset against this. The liability for warranty, fraud and personal injury under the Product Liability Act is not unaffected.

§ 8 Force Majeure

In the event that the Oman-Shop is unable to perform due to force majeure (in particular war and natural disasters), it can be released from its obligations for the duration of the hindrance. Should the execution of the order or delivery of goods be impossible for more than a month due to force majeure, the customer is entitled to cancel the order.

§ 9 Data Protection

The Oman-Shop meets all data protection requirements, in particular the provisions of the Telemedia Act.

§ 10 Final provisions

The legally binding contract language is German. Version of Conditions: 003-Oman-Shop

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