Bakhoor Taster Package

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Bakhoor Taster Package

10 reusable tins with transparent lid, each containing approx. 10g Bakhoor

Bakhoor Sultan, Resoot, Balqees, Upscale Always, Manali, Resoot Silber, Gold Luban, Tuhfa, Happy Day und Happy Day TOP

Bakhoor is the Omani name for a mixture of natural traditional ingredients that are offered as incense materials. This typical smoke mixture from Arabia is sold on the Souq of Muscat or Salalah.

Bakhoor mostly consists of shavings of the oud, the Arab name of agarwood. Oud and / or other raw materials are soaked in fragrant oils with other natural ingredients or popular fragrances such as sandalwood, musk or rose oil. The ingredients of Bakhoor and the weighting of ingredients are considered the secret of the producer (bakhoor is mostly made and sold by women). Our producer does not tell us what ingredients are in the mixes. She has only emphasized several times that they are all natural products.

Bakhoor is available in various forms: predominantly as dark, slightly oily mixtures, but also in the form of tablets or as pressed pieces. In the Arabian region, our Bakhoor mixes from Dhofar (Oman) are particularly popular. Bakhoor is smoked on charcoal (sometimes together with incense). We therefore offer the 10 different mixtures in small quantities at an attractive price, so that you can find out your mix.

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