Oud-Weihrauch, Omani Frankincense with Natural Agarwood Oil, 10g

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Oud-Weihrauch, Omani Frankincense with Natural Oud Oil, 10g

We took medium-sized, rather lighter pieces of frankincense without bark and soaked them in a complex process with agarwood oil (Arabic oud).

Agarwood oil is rarely used, especially because the price per kilo is twice the price of rose oil (over 25,000 euros per kilo of natural agarwood oil). The smell from the glass takes a bit of getting used to for Europeans, but it emanates from smoking this incense with oud an incomparable variety of aromas.

This combination exists in the Arab world, especially in Bakhoor mixes - but always with a sweet note there. We have left out the sweet completely. They smell frankincense and agarwood together in pure form without any admixtures. This is unique - at least in Europe!

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